His Loving Warmth in My Soul

I was having a rough day a while back and then I thought about the Good News and this is what resulted. ๐Ÿ™‚

His Loving Warmth in My Soul

I feel cold and shiver, feeling beaten like an egg
I face the Son, and feel His loving warmth in my soul
I fall to my knees and for forgiveness I beg
Inside I am healing, He has filled the hole

He thickens my shell and makes me hard-boiled
He gives me the strength I need desperately
On the Cross, Deathโ€™s plans were foiled
I know, I can do whatever He needs of me

I cannot contain my joy, my elation
I want to spread His Word far and wide
Make sure that everyone in every nation
Gets a chance to feel His warmth inside

The Good News, I cannot wait to tell:
Jesus, our Savior, is mighty to save!
He lifts our souls out of the clutches of Hell!
And spares us from that eternal grave!


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