Show Me Your Light!

I don’t usually pay much attention to the daily writing prompts – by the time I finish writing the post, it’s usually the next day or the next week. XD But this time, I realized I have the perfect poem to share that fits with the prompt, so here is my first time responding to a prompt. 🙂

I wrote this a few months back about a rough patch I went through years ago. I call it, “Show Me Light!”

I fall to my scraped up knees
I have no reason to live
To You, I am surrendering me
That is all I can give

For way too long I’ve been alone
Shadows of the night fill my soul
Catch me before I am too far gone
Before the darkness swallows me whole

I am without my sense of sight;
I plead – show me a reason for being!
Release me from this mental plight,
Show me what I haven’t been seeing!

Up there, You have always been
Like the moon eclipsing the sun, I see
I was stuck in the shade, when
You shined brightly for all around me

Please, I beg for Your hurrying
In moving the obstacles, to let the Son shine bright!
Send the shadows of the night scurrying
I don’t want to live in darkness; show me Your Light!


20 thoughts on “Show Me Your Light!

  1. I seriously want to frame this. 🙂 It brings me so many memories of victory in Jesus. How glorious to know that Jesus will always have the victory – His light WILL break through the darkness! Thank you for sharing this!

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