Reviews: The Sierra Jensen Series #1 & #2

#1: Only You, Sierra

Written by Robin Jones Gunn

Sierra was on her way to return to the United States after a mission trip to Europe. Her mind was filled with thoughts of how her home had changed: Her family had moved from California to Oregon in her absence, smack-dab in the middle of her junior year. Everyone already had his or her friends already and the pecking order had been established already; she had no idea where she will fit in, if she will fit in.

But while on the trip, she made friends with Christy and Katie, who had known each other for years. (Apparently there was a series before Sierra Jensen called “The Christy Miller Series”, and Christy and Katie’s story starts there.) As Sierra watches Doug and Tracy growing closer, and then Christy reuniting with her love, Todd, she wonders if she will have to go through the rest of her high school year dateless.

Will she find new friends? Will she like her new home? Will God provide her with someone to love her?

#2: In Your Dreams

Written by Robin Jones Gunn

This book starts right where the other one leaves off. Sierra is now settled into her grandma’s house, yet she is still working through her problems that include getting used to her new home, her social life– or lack of one – and dealing with her grandma’s mind still slowly slipping.

After Sierra’s aunt is in a car accident and breaks both of her arms, Sierra’s mom leaves to go stay with her aunt to help out. After a discussion, her dad is not canceling the camping trip that was planned for her brothers and her dad – which leaves Sierra to grandma-sit.

Sierra is glad for the responsibility to prove to everyone that she is mature beyond her sixteen years and that she can handle whatever comes her way. But instead, she may find out that her friend Katie is right, that she should savor her teenage years while she has them and not wish to grow up so fast…

Trying to keep this as spoiler free as possible, but I really wanted to comment on this. X) There is a part in the book where Grandma Mae was in the hospital, and my oh my do I relate to that — she reminded me of my own grandma when she was in the hospital. XP The author did a great job with that.


Sixteen-year-old Sierra Jensen is hilariously brazen. “…you are running away from God. Jonah tried that, remember? Unless you have an affection for whale barf, I’d encourage you to get your act together.” XD She made me laugh so much.
I really loved her character. Sometimes she does things without thinking them through, she says whatever comes to her mind most of the time, and her fashion sense is unique.

In the first book, it talked a bit about her grandmother who was having memory issues. I really connected with that, because my grandma did as well. In the second book, they expanded upon this, a lot.

It looks like since one book flows into the next one, once you start this 12 book series, you’ll be compelled to finish the whole series. X) These two books end without resolving all of the problems Sierra faced within them. Therefore, if you get this book hoping that each is a stand-alone, then you’ll be mistaken… they are written so that you can pick up the series at any point it seems like, but they are meant to be read from the beginning of the series to end.

I really love it so far. The author’s writing style really drew me in. I’m looking forward to the next one!


12 thoughts on “Reviews: The Sierra Jensen Series #1 & #2

    • 😀 I’ve read the first three so far, and I love them so much! Once I start reading, I can’t stop. XD I’m about to start book #4. 🙂 Thanks for the comment; you’re making me so excited to read the rest of the series!
      Also, have you read the Christy Miller series? It looks like it may be good too, and I saw it advertised in the Sierra Jensen books. 🙂

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