The True Voice Challenge

Which is quite a challenge for me, because I tend to edit posts to death and sometimes leave them hanging as drafts for weeks. Sometimes months. All because I want them to be perfect.

SaylwithPens, in this post, challenged her followers to write a post raw, which is what I’m doing now. Thanks for the challenge, Sayl! I would have done this yesterday, but I was like a dog that runs behind a car – exhausted. (We went to a family reunion and I wanted to write raw – not sleep-type. XD) I encourage anyone reading this to take the challenge!

So, here goes.

I met a lady that I am somehow related to (I forget how; it was complicated XD) and we were talking about genealogy. I was the youngest person there. Apparently people my age don’t really care about their family history.

After talking to her, I went outside to the graveyard beside the church building the reunion was being held in. I like to just walk around, looking at the names and dates. Between the birth date and death date, there was a story, and I like to imagine what that story contained.

Last year, I actually got a few answers. It turned out I was related to some of the people buried there, and my grandma and great aunts remembered some of the people. It was really fascinating.

Back in 2012, my both of my grandpas died. It’s weird that I found out so much about their lives after they were dead than I had known when they were alive. I wished I had thought to ask them some things about themselves before they died. I didn’t want to make the same mistake again, so I talked to my grandmas about themselves and the past whenever I could, and I sometimes recorded the stories. It proves that true stories are stranger than fiction – and sometimes, the stories are so odd that you wonder if the truth is actually being stretched into the fiction genre. XD But whatever the case, they are entertaining.

Now I’m glad I did. My grandma died last April, and I’ll have good memories and stories forever.


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